West Red Lake Gold Announces Positive Metallurgical Test Results from Rowan Mine Deposit

Nov 18, 2023 | Ontario Mining News

West Red Lake Gold Mines Ltd. (“West Red Lake Gold” or “WRLG or the “Company”) (TSXV: WRLG) (OTCQBWRLGF) is very pleased to announce positive metallurgical testresults from the Rowan Mine Deposit, which is part of the 100% owned Rowan Property located in the prolific Red Lake Gold District of Northwestern Ontario, Canada.

Highlights of Metallurgical Test Results

The Rowan Mine Deposit exhibits an excellent response using conventional metallurgical techniques with a very high percentage of Gravity Recoverable Gold (“GRG”). As expected, the GRG component occurs as coarse gold, which is also seen at Madsen and the satellite deposits Russet, Fork and Wedge (the “Satellites”). The metallurgical test work was completed using the Madsen Mill Flowsheet with the samespecifications and parameters currently in place at the Madsen Mill.

• Test work completed on the Rowan Master Composites (“MCs”) indicates that Rowan veinmaterial can be processed through the Madsen Mill with minor changes to the existing flowsheet.

• The results indicate the MCs tested produce very high gravity recovery with overall gold extraction above 98% after a 48-hour cyanide leach of the gravity tailings.

• Gravity Recoverable Gold (GRG) ranged from 75.8% to 94.9% and the gold was found to be coarse to very coarse.

• At a primary grind of 80% passing (P80) 75 microns, very low cyanide consumptions, below 0.23 kilogram per tonne (“kg/t”), were required to achieve gold extractionsabove 98%.

Shane Williams, President & CEO, stated, “The results of this first phase of metallurgical test work at Rowan have exceeded our expectations, and represent a significant step forward in de-risking this high-grade resource. It is very encouraging to see gold recoveries in the order of 98% using the same process flow sheet as the Madsen Mill. Furthermore, the high percentage of gold that is able to be extracted via gravity methods only further increases our confidence in the Rowan Deposit as a futuresource of high-grade, easily recoverable gold ounces that could potentially add a significant boost to the overall production profile at Madsen.”

Details of Metallurgical Program

The metallurgical test program (the “Program”) was completed by Base Metallurgical Laboratories (“BaseMet”), a leading metallurgical testing and consulting firm based in Kamloops, British Columbia. The test work was completed on four (4) MCsamples representative of Rowan vein zones 101, 102, 103 and 104 (“MC-101”, “MC-102”, “MC-103” and “MC-104”, respectively). The MC samples were created from contiguous intervals of material from 14 NQ-diameter diamond drill holes throughout the Rowan deposit. The metallurgical test program was designed and supervised by Kelly McLeod, P.Eng. (K-Met Consultants, Inc.).

TABLE 1 shows the head grades for the four MCs. Due to the nuggety nature of the gold in the material, MC head grades vary with each test charge – for example, a range of 4.6 to 15.3 g/t Au was measured during the leach tests.

Products Assays
Au (g/t) Ag (g/t) As (g/t) Cu (%) Fe (%) S (%) (%)
MC 101 Hd 1 5.56 2.0 96 0.008 2.06 0.50 0.33
MC 101 Hd 2 6.32 1.3 104 0.008 2.08 0.52 0.34
Average 5.94 1.7 100 0.008 2.07 0.51 0.34
MC 102 Hd 1 11.10 1.5 412 0.004 1.62 0.41 0.46
MC 102 Hd 2 8.01 2.6 324 0.004 1.58 0.47 0.46
Average 9.56 2.1 368 0.004 1.60 0.44 0.46
MC 103 Hd 1 3.22 2.8 1754 0.018 5.44 1.95 0.61
MC 103 Hd 2 3.40 2.8 1470 0.017 5.64 1.88 0.64
Average 3.31 2.8 1612 0.018 5.54 1.92 0.63
MC 104 Hd 1 3.67 1.6 12 0.013 14.2 0.89 0.55
MC 104 Hd 2 1.00 1.6 12 0.013 13.9 0.87 0.55
Average 2.34 1.6 12 0.013 14.1 0.88 0.55
TABLE 1. Head Assays for the Four Master Composites from BaseMet

Discussion of the Metallurgical Program Results

The preliminary test work completed on the Rowan MCsindicates the material can be processed through the Madsen Mill with minor changes to the existing flowsheet. The results indicate the MCs tested produced very high gravity recovery with overall gold extraction after a 48-hour cyanide leach of the gravity tailings above 98%. Like Madsen, the leach tests were completed at low cyanide consumptions and successfully achieved the target Cyanide Weak Acid Dissociable (“CNWAD“) in the final tailings of less than 1 ppm using the previously established Madsen conditions for cyanide destruction.

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