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What’s coming up next for Platinex

Platinex has recently undergone some changes, and it has plans to become bigger and better than ever. When current Platinex CEO and director Greg Ferron was the CEO of Treasury Metals, he had sold Platinex a project in Timmins, which was adjacent to their Shining Tree...

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Mining Matters far and wide

Mining and minerals education looks to the future Does your neighbour know what a critical mineral is? Does your child’s teacher? It would be interesting to know how many people outside the mining and minerals industry are aware that Canada developed a list of 31...

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The longer I live, the less I seem to know

By Keith Sones, Executive Vice President, Strategy & Business Development Or at least it feels that way much of the time. That fancy computer phone in my pocket. How does it work? I have no clue. How does that huge airplane, full of people and luggage, even get...

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