Oct 21, 2023 | Ontario Mining News

COLLECTIVE METALS INC. (CSE: COMT | OTC: CLLMF | FSE: TO1) (the “Company” or “Collective”) is pleased to announce the mobilization of an experienced field exploration crew from Bayside Geosciences of Thunder Bay, Ontario to its Whitemud Lake Lithium property (the “Property” or “Project”). The Property is located in the emerging Lithium-Cesium-Tantalum (LCT) pegmatite field east of Ear Falls in northwestern Ontario.

The Property is hosted within the LCT-prolific English River terrane, about 40 km along the regional strike from Beyond Lithium Minerals’ recent spodumene discovery north of Ear Falls. Grab samples with assay values up to 4.54% Li2O in a 3 km long prospective trend were reported (See News Release Dated September 17, 2023). Green Technology Metals’ Root Lake project, located 70 km east of the Property, hosts a JORC compliant 12.6 million tonnes of inferred resource at 1.21% Li2O and 62 ppm Ta2O51 (See News Release Dated June 07, 2023).

Christopher Huggins, Chief Executive Officer of Collective, commented, “We are thrilled to mobilize such an experienced Lithium exploration crew before the end of season. The Bayside team has participated in the discovery of numerous LCT pegmatites in northwestern Ontario. This inaugural exploration program is a direct result of the hard work we have been doing at compiling and interpreting publicly available exploration data for our lithium assets in Ontario. We anticipate an effective exploration program that will hopefully lead to discovery at Whitemud Lake. This field project and its results will be used to define our exploration and discovery mission for 2024.”


  • The Property is located within 4 km of a terrane boundary between the English River and Uchi terranes in an emerging LCT pegmatite field east of Ear Falls (Figure 1). Most LCT pegmatite deposits in Ontario are hosted in proximity to terrane boundaries between geological domains within the Superior geological province.
  • Compilation and interpretation of historic geological mapping, elevation models, airborne magnetic, and lake geochemistry data were used to identify multiple priority target areas for the 2023 field exploration program (Figures 2 & 3).
  • The geology of the Property is composed of granodiorites and tonalites that are part of the Bluffy Lake Batholith and intrude into metasedimentary rocks of the English River (Figure 2). The Bluffy Lake Batholith occurs along strike to the east of the Wenasaga Lake Batholith where Beyond Lithium’s Ear Falls project is located.
  • Several similar granitic intrusive bodies such as the Sharpe Lake Batholith and Root Lake Pluton that occur between 10 to 70 km to the east of the Property are interpreted to be sources of LCT pegmatite deposits in the region, including at Green Technology Metals’ Root Lake Project (Figure 1).
  • Northwest striking structural corridors characterized by magnetic lows indicate potential LCT pegmatite traps zones (Figure 3). One of these structures that occurs in the northern part of the Property is a regional structure that splays off the terrane boundary between the English River and Uchi. A historic geological map published by Ontario Geological Survey reported presence of pegmatite outcrops in the area (Figures 2 & 3).
  • The field exploration program (the “Program”) is focused on prospecting, sample collection, and geological mapping of priority target areas with reported pegmatites and strong Lithium anomalies in lake geochemistry data.


Figure 1 – Regional Location of Collective’s Whitemud Lake Property.
Figure 2 – Property Map of Whitemud Lake Showing Selected Target Areas for Field Exploration.
Figure 3 – Property Map of Whitemud Lake Showing Structural Corridors Characterized by Magnetic Lows.

Whitemud Lake Project

The Project is located in northwestern Ontario where numerous pegmatite-hosted Lithium-Cesium-Tantalum deposits have been delineated. The Project is located 40 km east of Ear Falls, Ontario, approximately 70 km west of Green Technology Metals’ Root Lake Project. It covers 7,775 hectares of LCT pegmatite prospective ground within the Lithium-prolific English River terrane.

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